We Need Our Fathers

Do you want to really end gun violence, teenage rebellion, anger, teen depression, low school attendance and a host of the other problems associated with today’s youth, my peers???? HELP ME USE MY STORY, EXPERIENCE AND STRATEGIES I HAVE LEARNED TO BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION…..

Generational Shifter

With today’s youth in such disarray, Kasai’s ability to set them free by sharing they are not alone and how to be self accountable to overcome the issues associated with not having a father present, is shifting this generation to higher heights.


We Need Our Fathers inspires fathers to not only connect with their children but also to step up and be a constant in their lives.


Kasai’s transparency and humility captivates both you and old empowering his story to bring understanding, change and proof of the effects of this fatherless generation.


Through the sharing of his personal experience and more importantly, his strategies for change and to overcome the issues of today, Kasai motivates youth to shift their minds for forgiveness and self accountability and motivates fathers to be a part of this process for their children.

The Effects of an Absent Father

According to fathersincorporated.com
Youth In Prison
Adolescent Repeat Arsonists
High School Dropouts
Homeless Children
Behavioral Disorder
Absent Fathers

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Kasai Guthrie ~ Founder

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About Kasai

Kasai Mathew William Guthrie, a 18 year old high school student from Newark, DE and 2015 20 Under 20 Award recipient, is on a mission to play his part to empower his generation through access to information. Kasai, advanced at a young age, started high school his 7th grade year, started three companies at age 14 and started a full competitive basketball program at his local private high school. Kasai is the founder of Kasai Says, a new and upcoming interview show where Kasai will interview successful people and celebrities from a kid’s perspective. Kasai hopes to show kids the ins and outs of how to obtain success in every area of their life to inspire them to be more than just athletes and rappers.
Kasai has won numerous awards of his business endeavors including 1st place for Delaware for DECA and awards with BPA (Business Professionals of America). His prized project is his We Need our Fathers campaign. The We Need our Fathers campaign is a national campaign where Kasai shares his personal story of a life changing tragedy from his father being absent in his life and how he overcame it to not only move on in his own life, but inspiring both absent fathers and their children to reconcile. Through the We Need our Fathers campaign Kasai provides CDs, E-books and videos for absent fathers, children and single moms on topics like reconciling relationships, forgiveness, how to have healthy expectations and other topics he and his family personally experienced. Kasai also plans to interview celebrities and public figures to hear their stories about their relationships with their fathers and how they are now with their own children. The We Need our Fathers campaign launched September 15, 2014.

Sample Speaking Topics


Absent Father Topics

  1. The Effects of Absent Fathers on Children

  2. What Children Really Need  From Their Fathers

  3. How to Reconcile with your Children Correctly

Youth/Children Focused Topics

  1. What to do with the Anger and Hurt from an Absent Father

  2. How to Reconcile with Your Father without False Expectations

  3. Why Your Father and Forgiveness are Both Important

  4. Suicide – Alcohol – Drug Abuse Prevention

Entrepreneurship Topics

  1. How to Start a Business for Kids

  2. Kids Entrepreneurship

  3. Purpose for Kids

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