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Success in Life NOW....
Multicultural College students, male and female


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DE Met

Saturday, May 30th 11am-2pm
The MET School 920 N. French St
Wilmington, DE 19801
Ages: 13-18
Free Registration Below - LIMITED SEATING

Come Learn the Following:

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    10 NINJA Secrets to winning at Life as a Teen

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    Prevention Tools

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    Developing a Success Game Plan

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    How to Bring Out the Super Hero In You



INSTRUCTOR: Kasai Guthrie

kasai interview smiling

founder of We Need Our Fathers

kasai smiling basketball

Hi! My name is Kasai Guthrie and I am a 17 year old from Newark, DE.  As the founder of We Need Our Fathers, I want to share the lessons I learned and the experiences that caused me to start the We Need Our Father Campaign.  My story is not a unique story it is 1 story of millions that speak to the Fatherhood situation growing out of control in epidemic proportions.  I, like so many other youth growing up in this generation, needed my father to play his role in my life so I can become a well-rounded, disciplined and purpose filling Man.

Where my story is unique is that on paper, without my father, it appeared I was a model teenager:

·         Starting high school in 7th grade.

·         Starting businesses in elementary school and starting 3 companies at 1 time when I was 14.

·         Started a basketball program at my former private high school.

·         A leader in my school and to my teammates.

BUT ALL OF THAT CAME TO A CRASHING END. My father chose to move to Florida when I was in elementary school and lived there for most of my life.  I accomplished so much without his direct involvement. We did communicate often via telephone which is why I thought the only thing stopping him from fathering me was the distance.  However, 2 years ago, my father moved back to my area approximately 15 minutes away.  I really believed he was going to be a real father, doing all the things I saw my friend’s fathers do for them. For instance, spend time with me and more importantly want to be with me. After a bunch of empty promises, hurt dreams and built up emotions and anger (which I had no clue what to do with) my life spiraled out of control. I took everything personally and fell into a deep depression that affected my WHOLE life. I stopped working my businesses, all my grades dropped; I got in trouble in school, did not want to wake up to go to school, became defiant, suicidal, tried both alcohol and marijuana lost my scholarship. As I research and speak to leaders in the Fatherhood movement and speak with other kids, it is clear this an epidemic affecting millions of youth today.

I am hosting the Success in Life Now Teen Edition Workshop because I want to help youth in DE to make better choices, understand the truth about who they really are, how to deal with suicidal thoughts, peer pressure, how to be a leader and more importantly to let them know they are not alone!! If you have any youth in your family or friends that could benefit please let them know. Registration is limited.

Thank you for helping me do my part to save my generation.


Funding for this project (SP15607) has been provided by the Department for Health and Social Services, Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health-State of Delaware through a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).


Dr. Donald Morton

Dr. Donald Morton

Complexities of Color

Dr. Morton will share how decisions we make are influenced by imagery and how our personal decision affect our whole community.

Darryl Wolfie Chambers

Darryl Wolfie Chambers

Community Leader

Wolfie, one of Kasai’s personal mentors, will share about his past as it relates to drugs and alcohol and the state of our community today.

Big Keib

Big Keib

Founder of Stop the Violence Prayer Foundations
Tamara N. Varella

Tamara N. Varella

Founder of Manifest Business Consultants


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